the gay & lesbian visitors' guide
to the olympic city


Inside Athens

Inside tips for getting around in Athens. From the best transportation means to the best time for clubbing.

Cumming First

Dear visitor, you are not alone. Your Greek Fairy-Godmother is here to help you have a great time and expand your horizons way beyond "kalimera" and "kalispera". This is your very personal guide to cruising in Athens.


In the Steps of Sappho

Let's get down to business: you are a lesbian and you want to know the ins and outs of Athens from an insider. Here's your guide that will help you get around.


special issue
august/september 2004

EDITORIAL: Kalόs orίsate! Welcome!

Greek gays and lesbians welcome you to their country, even though we ourselves may not always feel all that welcome here as homosexuals. 10% has prepared a concise guide to gay and lesbian life in Athens.

WELCOME: Snapshots of Athens
At the crossroads of East and West, of antiquity and modern times, you will find Athens, Europe's most unusual capital.

Welcome to our ancient, brand new Olympic city. The moment you set foot in Athens, you'll find that you have to deal with an assortment of local tribes.

NIGHTLIFE: Small But Perfectly Formed

The Athenian gay scene is an odd but captivating mixture of European-type of bars and clubs and others which have a more middle-Eastern feel to them.

LAW: Tips on Cops

When cruising in a foreign city, it's always good to know what risks you may encounter and how to deal with the local police, so here are some helpful tips.

HISTORY: A Late Bloomer
The GLBT Movement in Greece.
HEALTH: Sex in The Olympic City
A Healthy Stay in Athens.
A Very Gay Guide to Greek.