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Kalüs orßsate! Welcome!

Greek gays and lesbians welcome you to their country, even though we ourselves may not always feel all that welcome here as homosexuals. 10% has prepared a concise guide to gay and lesbian life in Athens, with tips on nightlife, places to go, health advice, and cruising, etc.

Athens can be frustratingly magical, a fascinating and colorful melange of people, places and experiences packed really tightly together. Whether you love it or hate it, you definitely won't be left indifferent to it.

10% is a burgeoning effort to bring homosexuality to the forefront of contemporary Greek society and discussion, as well as to fight the inherent homophobia in our everyday lives - and more often than not, to attack the internalised variety which haunts so many Greek gays' and lesbians' hearts - and in turn foster a sense of pride in who and what we are. You can help us achieve these goals simply by showing how liberating it is to be out and proud.

There are about six sounds in the Greek language that don't exist in English. Hopefully, you'll meet a Greek lad or lass to whisper sweet nothings in your ear - the Greek way. Go Greek while you're here in Athens and find out why the Gods chose this bit of land to call their own.